quinta-feira, 11 de julho de 2013


I miss the way you talk and laugh at the same time.
I miss when you were nervous and you stammered to ask me something important.
I miss the time I knew exactly what you were thinking just for a quick look at your face.
I miss your insane guesses about me.
I miss when you used to post stupid things on my webpage.
I miss when when you used to call me every day at night.
I miss when you used to draw to explain your point.
I miss your singing when you're happy and your bad moody before a hard test.
I miss your fears and the way I always knew exactly what to say to make them disappear from your mind.
I miss the smallest things that make you the person you are.
Oh how I miss all these things.
I miss when everything was easier.
And mostly, I miss when you thought I was someone important in your life.
Why has everything changed?

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