domingo, 18 de dezembro de 2011

Believe me

"I'll tell you something, little bitch: have you ever thought how this situation is hard to me? No, you haven't because in your perfect world I'm only "Spike The Bad Monster Who Can't Bite Your Pretty Neck Because Has a Damn Chip in The Head"! But now I want you to listen me, you irritant and nasty Slayer: I'm just tired of thinking about you all the time for nothing! I'm tired of being so close to you and feel the blood running into your skin but not drinking you! I'm tired of hiding in the dark every time I come to your room only to see you asleep! I even dream about you ─ bloody hell! I haven't dreamed about somebody for the last 120 years!
And for your information, even after you've said I'm beneath you, I still want to comfort you, for the most strange it seems to me! And tonight I was really sure that I hated you with all my dead heart until seeing your face again and my heart stops!
So if you think it isn't love baby, believe me ─ I'm just dying to know what you think it is."


Buffy and Spike don't belong to me. They're all Joss Whedon stuff.

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